Press Release - Oct 23, 2017

Live Planet Announces Only End-to-End System for Easy Capture & Distribution of Live and Recorded Stereoscopic VR & 360° Video

Integrated, best-of-breed components (camera, cloud, apps) offer practical means for creatives, enterprises, and educators to harness the power of immersive media

LOS ANGELES, CA (OCTOBER 23, 2017)- Live Planet, Inc. (www.LivePlanet.net), producer of the groundbreaking system that makes live and recorded stereoscopic VR video easy and affordable to produce, distribute, and monetize, today announced details and availability of its end-to-end system including its Cloud Platform and revolutionary stereoscopic VR and 360° camera. Manufacturing of 100 cameras to satisfy pre-sale commitments has commenced and initial shipments will be available starting the week of December 4. Additional orders may be placed via the website.

The LIVE PLANET™ Cloud Platform will also launch its Public Beta Program the week of December 4. During the previous Private Beta Program, more than 35 partners helped validate and drive additional features for the open cloud platform. Parties interested in exploring the power of the LIVE PLANET System may now visit www.LivePlanet.net to sign up for free priority access to participate in the Beta Program.

Prior to the LIVE PLANET System, limited point solutions and an absence of standards in the VR marketplace made it difficult and expensive for creators to produce and distribute immersive stereoscopic VR and 360° video content on a wide basis to the ever-growing set of platforms and headsets consumers use – such as Facebook 360°, YouTube, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard (IOS and Android), PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive. It has been even harder to deliver live and paid content to this diverse range of viewers. Now, the LIVE PLANET System brings relief with its practical solution that enables easy capture, management, and optimal delivery – both live streamed and recorded – to all major immersive endpoints.

The LIVE PLANET System is comprised of three primary components that can be utilized individually or in conjunction with one another to realize additional benefits and efficiencies:

  • The LIVE PLANET Camera is the only 4K stereoscopic VR camera for live streaming or recording. The camera perfectly stitches and encodes in real time, making the need for separate external stitching and encoding boxes a thing of the past. Furthermore, the camera produces Natural VR™ – the only stereoscopic VR that uses 3D industry standard optics to allow viewers to comfortably watch VR content for extended periods of time. Plus, with built-in WiFi and Ethernet, the camera can be set up in minutes to live stream from anywhere in the world through the LIVE PLANET Cloud Platform.
  • The LIVE PLANET Cloud Platform is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use command central which enables creators and producers to manage all their VR and 360° video content uploaded from any camera in one place. Producers can collaborate, organize, and share VR and 360° videos to create programmed events, securely delivered live, at scheduled times, or on-demand. The Cloud Platform’s processing capabilities automatically transcode and deliver a single uploaded video file, live or recorded, to reach all VR clients and 360° platforms with push button simplicity and real-time analytics. Most powerfully, the Cloud Platform features “Viewport Adaptive” live streaming technology which – working in conjunction with the LIVE PLANET Apps – automatically optimizes video files to save up to 83% in bandwidth required for delivery, allowing for high quality end-user experiences over today’s mobile networks. The platform also features open APIs to empower a growing ecosystem of tools to assist creators with their production and workflow needs via the Cloud Platform.
  • LIVE PLANET Apps work in conjunction with the LIVE PLANET Cloud Platform to automatically optimize live streams and recorded video to enable great playback experiences over today’s mobile networks, as well as offer payment integration options. In addition, Live Planet enables partners to embed player functionality into their own apps via the LIVE PLANET SDK, bringing the power of VR to new audiences.

“After more than two and half years of development, we have now created best-of-breed components that are highly integrated and allow creators worldwide to benefit from the power, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness of our system,” said Halsey Minor, founder and CEO of Live Planet. “We greatly reduce the cost and complexity of workflow while allowing for a far greater VR experience. Within thirty minutes of box opening, Live Planet customers can live stream stereoscopic VR, perfectly stitched, to all VR and 360° platforms. Customers lined up for our launch comprise the largest turnkey ecosystem in the industry today and through Live Planet will be enabled to deliver what the market has needed for broad consumer adoption of VR.”

About Live Planet

Live Planet, Inc. produces the only end-to-end capture, distribution, and monetization system for immersive video. The LIVE PLANET System makes it easy, practical, and affordable to create and deliver stereoscopic VR and 360° video, whether live or recorded, allowing creators to focus on their productions and applications. Live Planet, Inc. is based in Los Angeles and San Jose, CA.

The LIVE PLANET System is the brainchild of its founder and CEO, Internet pioneer Halsey Minor. With deep experience in technology, media, and cloud platforms as CNET founder, producer of CNET’s television programs, and co-founder of Salesforce.com and other successful ventures, Halsey has assembled a world-class team of experts to bring his passions and experiences together. The goal: to transform the world of video toward a more compelling, controllable future for consumer and business applications everywhere.

For more information on Live Planet, Inc., please visit www.LivePlanet.net or contact [email protected].

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