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Easy for you.

Capture, livestream, edit, and publish your content with ease with the Live Planet Creator app.

Easier for viewers.

Publish your videos to all VR platforms with the Live Planet VR app.

Easy for you. Easier for viewers.

Capture, livestream, edit, and publish your content everywhere with the Live Planet mobile and VR apps.

Live Planet Creator App

Easily control your camera, make image adjustments, record, livestream and even watch featured content with the intuitive Live Planet Creator app.

Live Planet VR App

The best place to showcase your amazing content. Available on the most popular headsets in the market, you’re sure to reach your audience whoever they are, wherever they are.

Download the VR app on: Oculus GearVR Daydream
Can your vr camera
Provide high-quality VR experiences over LTE networks?

Our proprietary ViewCast™ advanced algorithms predict head movements to enable VR video streaming at high quality even over low-speed networks.

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