Live Planet Camera
Live Planet 4K Stereoscopic
VR Camera
  • 4k per eye
  • On-board stitching
  • Real-time livestream ready
  • NVIDIA Jetson
  • No 3rd party software needed for stitching, encoding or adding stereoscopy
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  • Key Specs
    • Maximum Live fps
      4k @ 30 fps and output resolution of 4096 x 4096
    • Maximum Recorded fps
      4k @ 30 fps and output resolution of 4096 x 4096
    • Output Video Options
      Broadcast live video in realtime
      Record sources and/or output video to microSD card
    • On Board Stitching
      On the fly uniform pixel blending.
      Proprietary solutions for perfect stereoscopic stitching.
  • Camera
    Custom designed FPGA combined with custom PCBs platform/processor
    NVIDIA Tegra TX2 Image Processor (GPU)
    Circular array of 16 cameras
    Approximately 70mm IPD
  • Optics
    16 FHD lenses
    2x (360 x 180) FOV
    Sony image sensor
    Sunex individual lens 180 FOV (eliminating need for up-facing camera)
  • Image Signal Processing
    Macro and per-sensor exposure
    Manual white balance
    Syncronization between sensors
    30 fps live framerate
    30 fps capture framerate
    Vertically rolling shutter
  • Features
    Optical audio input
    Wi-Fi and ethernet networks
    Removable microSD-card storage
    Cloud recording
    HDMI port
    USB port
    Supply voltage 12V DC 4A regulation power adapter
  • Physical Processing
    Length/Diameter: 3.94” / 10cm
    Height: 3.54” / 9cm
    Weight: ~ 1.5lb
    Aluminium body construction
    Multiple fans for thermal dissipation
    Aluminium heat sink
  • Video (live/vod)
    Traditional 2D video, monoscopic and stereoscopic output
    Equirectangular output projection (4096 x 2048 / per eye) Over/Under 4K stack
    Full output FOV
    H264 video format (MP4 container for recording)
    RTMP for transmission to transcoding servers. Custom protocol with switchable multi-streams and embedded meta-data supplying HUDs.

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