Welcome to the future

The LIVE PLANET Cloud Platform has everything you need to capture,
manage and distribute your VR video content.

Works with any camera

Any camera that streams or records in standard equirectangular format works with the LIVE PLANET Cloud Platform.
We’re constantly validating new cameras as they come to market.

Viewport Adaptive
Live Streaming

Our Cloud Platform works in conjunction with the LIVE PLANET Apps to automatically optimize live streams (and recorded video too) to save up to 83% in bandwidth required for delivery to enable great experiences over today’s mobile networks.

Distribute your content

One file - live or recorded - reaches all VR clients and 360° platforms with push button simplicity and real-time analytics.

Create and
manage events

Organize and share your VR and 360°
videos and create programmed events,
delivered live, at scheduled times, or on-demand.
  • 4D Sphere Encoding Engine
  • Live to VOD
  • Optimized VR Videos
  • Publish to Platforms
  • Integrate with Post Production Systems
  • Live stream or record from the Live Planet Camera
  • Agnostic System
  • Payment & Subscription Support
  • Restful API
  • Continuous Improvements

Power at your fingertips

The power and simplicity of integration, bringing together all the functions and features needed to make your VR and 360° content productions successful.

Ready to embrace the future?

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