The LIVE PLANET System for Enterprise

Immersive media will transform, optimize, and create new possibilities for your business, processes, and workforce. Application areas include:

  • Brand Engagement: Utilize the LIVE PLANET System to uncover KPIs about how customers experience your brand within virtual and augmented worlds.
  • Security: The LIVE PLANET System provides real time video feeds with access to data visualization and analysis programming to oversee, identify, and create alerts based on company needs.
  • Telepresence: Enable remote inspections and “Bring the plant to your expert” worldwide, without complicated setups or additional hardware, using internet speeds as low as 4G / LTE, with real-time 2 way communication options on the way.
  • Our Visual Computing System API, built into the LIVE PLANET Camera will capture and measure visual data points for marketing, security, risk management, or anything else happening within the physical environment of your business.

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