The LIVE PLANET System for Media & Entertainment

The LIVE PLANET System makes reaching your goals practical, easy, and affordable by offering options for the capture, storage, distribution, and monetization of all your productions, realizing any creative vision involving VR.

  • LIVE PLANET Cameras create amazing multicam live and recorded Natural VR experiences while streamlining setup, broadcast, and post into one simple system.
  • The LIVE PLANET Cloud Platform is camera agnostic. Upload, transcode and distribute all of your files with a few clicks -- saving valuable post production time and money.
  • Stream your content where, when, and how you want, while monetizing your streams through the LIVE PLANET Apps and payment gateways.
  • The LIVE PLANET System is perfectly scalable, making it the ideal solution for major brands, artists and independent acts alike.

Contact our LIVE PLANET Systems experts today to begin streaming and monetizing your VR content creation pipeline.

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