Everything you need for stunning VR video.
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“HOLY F*#KING S%*T, THIS WAS AMAZING! What a night and what a recording!”
Andy Stack, COO at Arcturus Studios and Board Member at The Buffer Festival
“Live Planet simplifies the process with a system that provides stunning immersive environments, delivering a VR experience like no other.”
David Weinstein, Director of VR at NVIDIA
“I was able to go from having never touched the camera, to the surreal experience of standing beside myself in 3D 360° in a couple of minutes.”
Jason Cooper, Chief Digital Officer at Horizon Productions
“Truly an impressive system!”
Wasim Muklashy, Executive Producer at superswellVR
“Live Planet's approach to stereoscopic 360 creates a comfortable end-user experience that I've not seen with other platforms.”
Mike Cuales, VR Producer, LEVR Studios
The world’s first
end-to-end VR system.

Record or livestream picture-perfect footage with the Live Planet VR Camera.

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Store and access your VR videos from anywhere with the Live Planet Cloud.

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Reach your audience with the push of a button with the Live Planet Apps.

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Shockingly small.
Flawless stereoscopic stitching.

Breakthrough camera optics mimics the inter-pupilary distance of the human eye for strain-free viewing.

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  • 4K Stereoscopic

    No more flat images that make you sick. Our 16 lenses capture 360° the way it should be captured.

  • Instant On-board Stitching

    Save hours on post-production with our state-of-the-art, on-board stitching.

  • High Dynamic Range

    Capture the world in true life-like colors and contrasts for an enhanced immersive experience

Instant setup.
From box to VR livestreaming in 15 minutes.
High-quality VR experience even over low-speed networks.

Our proprietary ViewCast™ advanced algorithms predict head movements to enable VR video streaming at high quality even over LTE.

Reach everyone with the push of a button.
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The VR industry starts now.

We believe VR is the future of video. We’ve spent many years making sure we built the perfect system to enable creators to achieve the impossible and for viewers to experience the unimaginable. Find out more about how we got here and what’s ahead in our journey.

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